Tips for Visiting Long Beach Parks


In Long Beach, the great outdoors is brimming with activities. Local parks are popular places to visit and spend a day, providing ample opportunity to walk, run, play, and just enjoying the beautiful scenery and overhead sunshine. Ensure that your trip to a Long Beach park goes smoothly by becoming informed on any park rules, as well as any note-worthy tips that can help make your stay more pleasant.

Skip the Alcohol

Thinking of having a kegger at the park? Think again. The Long Beach Parks, Recreation and Marine committee bans all alcoholic beverages, including but not limited to beer, champagne, and wine, in picnic areas and open spaces. Fail to comply and you may be facing city charges.

Leash Your Pet

Pet laws differ across Long Beach, so it’s crucial to do a little research before bringing Fido to the park. If you wish to bring your pet to a local park, consider a designated dog park where your pooch will be welcome to run, play, and socialize. El Dorado Dog Park, which is a fenced-in and off-leash dog park, is an excellent choice.

Check the Calendar

It’s important to be aware of other activities and events going on in various Long Beach parks. For example, sports practices and games often take place during the fall in the spacious areas of the parks. If you prefer peace and quiet in the park, try to schedule your visits around these events.

Prepare for Fees

While most of Long Beach parks offer free entry to the general public, others require a fair entry fee. El Dorado East Regional Park is one such park that charges vehicle entry fees to individuals visiting the park, which fees differing depending on the day of the week. For those who visit frequently, annual passes are available.

Be Wary of Crowds

Due to the beautiful weather, both locals and tourists flock to Long Beach parks throughout the year. Weekends are especially crowded at some parks, such as Colorado Lagoon, which offers a picnic area, swim area, play equipment, and Wetland and Marine Science Education Center.

Arrive Early

There’s nothing like enjoying a picnic in a scenic Long Beach park. However, spots fill up fast, making it essential to arrive early. Choosing a time outside of the normal meal-time hours is your best bet if you prefer smaller crowds and a chance at claiming a picnic table.

Obtain a Permit

Whether it’s a family get-together or a company picnic, a special events permit is generally needed for group gatherings at public parks in Long Beach. Check with the city clerk about acquiring a permit for your celebration and reserve your spot early.

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