Long Beach CA Weather: What To Expect


Sunshine is plentiful in the seaside city of Long Beach, with approximately 345 of sun each year. This is what ultimately makes the popular tourist destination a year-round vacation spot. Long Beach is known for its dry, warm summers and its mild winters. Annual temperatures typically range from 46° F to 83° F, with temperatures rarely topping 92° F or falling below 40° F. While the weather stays fairly constant throughout the year, beach goers do get a taste of cool breezes as they drift from the ocean to the shoreline.

Seasons in Long Beach

In Long Beach, the warm weather season generally lasts from July 1 to September 26, with an average daily temperature of 80° F. The end of August generally makes up the hottest days of the year. The cold season in Long Beach spans from November 30 to April 3. During these cooler California days, the daily average temperature is 69° F, with the coldest days experienced towards the end of December. While a jacket is generally not needed, most locals dress in layers during these chillier days of the year.

Santa Ana Winds in Long Beach

While Long Beach rarely sees a flake of snow, some areas are more prone to cooler temperatures and harsher winds. In May, an overcast is commonly present, especially near the coast. September brings about the Santa Ana winds, which tend to be dry and warm, and sometimes even hot. These winds blow in from the desert, often behaving like mountain gap winds, increasing their speed as the flow is channeled through canyons and passes. Santa Ana winds generally blow in fall and winter, but can also arise at other times of the year.

Rainfall in Long Beach

Precipitation in Long Beach is most common at the end of January, and is least likely during the beginning of August. The rain in the city tends to be mild, ranging from light and moderate rain to a brief drizzle. In addition to precipitation, wind is also fairly mild and infrequent. Over the course of the year, the average wind speed ranges from 0 mph to 14 mph. Long Beach rarely experiences wind speeds of more than 19 mph. When wind does occur, it most often comes from the south, followed by the west and north west, and rarely from the north or north east. Planning a visit to Long Beach? Be sure to check out the weather conditions before your trip to ensure that your stay is filled with sunny skies and warm temperatures.

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