6 Ways to Get Around Long Beach


Long Beach offers a wealth of public transportation options that make roaming the seaside community a breeze. The downtown area is especially accommodating, providing a diverse selection of transit services, such as shuttles and buses that bring passengers to some of the area’s most popular attractions. Whether you’re simply visiting Long Beach, or are a local in search of affordable transportation, the following options will get you where you need to go.

1. Passport

In downtown Long Beach, passengers can ride free on the Passport, a shuttle bus that connects the downtown area to some of Long Beach’s most frequented tourist hotspots, such as City Place Mall, Aquarium of the Pacific, Convention Center, The Pike at Rainbow Harbor, and the iconic Queen Mary. Trips traveling east of Alamitos Avenue require passengers to pay a standard fare, a reasonable 90 cents per ride.

2. AquaLink

Prefer to travel Long Beach via water? The AquaLink water taxi is the ultimate way to get from point A to point B in record time. These colorful red, yellow and purple boats span 68 feet long and cost just $5 for fare. When on-board, passengers are comfortably ferried to four of the area’s most popular destinations around Long Beach Harbor, including Belmont Pier, The Queen Mary, Alamitos Bay Landing, and the Aquarium of the Pacific.

3. Uber

Uber is a revolutionary service available to Long Beach locals and tourists. Depending on your budget and style tastes, you have the option of calling for a taxi, high-end sedan with private driver, spacious SUV, or a luxury vehicle. Use your smartphone to obtain a pickup from a nearby driver, and the fare will be automatically deducted from your credit card. Not only is Uber cashless, their clear pricing ensures no surprises once you’ve reached your destination.

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